Boston History Tours

Boston Stump

Interested in finding out about the history of the beautiful town of Boston in Lincolnshire? You have come to the right place!
I am a tour guide who is passionate about this historic town and I want to share the story of its glorious past including its important and significant growth in the Medieval period and its important role in in the story of North America.
Reverend John Cotton I am an experienced travel writer who has a love for local history having grown up in Boston.
I regularly write about Boston and Lincolnshire in the local and national press and want to share my knowledge and passion with interested people whether they be locals or visitors.
I am offering one hour tours around the centre of Boston on Wednesday mornings and Sunday afternoons. I will be talking about Fydell House, Blackfriars, The Stump, The Guildhall and much more.
Fydell House They will start and finish outside Fydell House. Wednesdays tours will be between 10.30 am and 11.30 am and Sundays tours will be between 2pm and 3 pm.
To book for one of these tours (which will be taking place from Wednesday 8th May onwards) ring me on 07717267265 or email me at

I will also be doing evening tours during the summer for clubs and organisations. If you are interested in doing one of these please get in touch. I would also be willing to do tours for school groups.

£5 per person for an hours tour
Prices for evening tours will vary depending on the size of the group.

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